God desires us to make wise choices that benefit our well-being and help us remain close to Him. We simply can’t do that if we don’t love ourselves.

If we don’t grasp and appreciate our value, we won’t treat ourselves with respect. This may mean we talk negatively about ourselves and look for every chance to be critical. It may mean we stay in unhealthy relationships because we think we can’t find better ones or we don’t deserve them. It often means we don’t take care of ourselves emotionally or physically.

Obviously, God doesn’t want us to put ourselves above everyone else, but He does desire for us to be good stewards of our bodies and minds. He doesn’t want others to hurt us, and He doesn’t want us to hurt ourselves. He wants us to choose behaviors and situations that will bless us and match up to His opinion—and the truth—of our value

Self-love and self-worth are God given.

You are no accident, nor are you the sum of your past mistakes. God brought Himself to earth to live and die for you…you are LOVED.

You have incredible worth and value to God. You can absolutely walk in confidence when you realize this. You cannot help but love yourself when you acknowledge how much you are loved.

It is not dependent on your abilities, your characteristics or you trying harder to please. Even when things seem to be going as bad as they possibly can, you are still loved, still worthy and still valued.

It all depends on Him. His word is true, His promises are sure, and He is forever faithful.

Until you learn to love yourself, invest in yourself, and live a life that you love- you are not going to attract God’s best for you.

You are worthy of God’s best.YOU Are