Remember that day when you woke up and looked around and realized your house was a disaster? That there were piles of clutter everywhere, pet hair, stacks of mail and miscellaneous nonsense everywhere you look ? That you’ve moved 3 times in a year and a half. That you’ve managed and closed two estates in a year and a half. That you’ve been a caregiver for someone with a terminal illness and your life became all about them. That 3 months later their clothes are still in a heap in the laundry room, their medication is still on the nightstand and their shoes are right by the door where they always were? That 4 kids have moved in and out, and in and out, and in and out again due to Covid and other life situations. That you are living in a house that was furnished and you have no idea where your Fall decor or Christmas items are in storage? And that you possibly are not even sure which key goes to your 3 storage units. Yea….. that was today. But at the end of the day you realized these things:

  1. It’s a miracle you haven’t lost your mind.
  2. Your home is beautiful and has amazing views.
  3. Having children home is a blessing.
  4. Each day is a blessing.
  5. It’s time to let go of things.
  6. Your kitchen tile is not actually a marble pattern, it’s really white.
  7. Your animals shed wayyyy too much, but you love them anyway.
  8. You’re ready for some normalcy and less chaos.
  9. You realize how short life is and wish others realized it too.


  1. That you are really really really freaking amazing and if a dirty house is your biggest concern on this day, then life is pretty good.