I haven’t shared very much this year. And there’s a perfectly good reason for that. When you are living your life under a microscope and someone is watching your every move and hanging on your every word, you have a tendency to shut down. There’s a need for privacy. There’s a need for safety. There’s a need to isolate and heal. And that’s what this year has been for me. A time of isolation and healing. If you know me, you know I have a desire to share my words and experiences. I wanted to. I wanted to share what I have been dealing with for almost two years. But I didn’t. To do so would have been keeping the door open for someone to keep being a voyeur into my life. My words and actions would have kept fueling the fire that narcissist’s need to keep going. I faced Satan this year. I looked her straight in the eyes. Literally. Have you ever heard someone say that somebody has “crazy eyes”? I heard the expression years ago and thought it was funny then. But it couldn’t be more true. If you want to know a person, look into their eyes. A mentally unstable person can go from euphoria and almost glowing eyes and facial expressions, to instantaneous sadness, anger and deflation in a matter of seconds. I’m going to mention narcissism for the last time. It is a word that is thrown around lightly and too frequently. If you know you know. It’s a word that is frequently used to describe a man, but I can promise you that women make far better narcissists. (Sorry ladies). If you want to know my story, private message me. I’m a wealth of knowledge unfortunately. If you have ever found yourself saying the words “when it’s good it’s great, and then it’s not,” or you find yourself apologizing for someone’s behavior, or you’re constantly walking on eggshells…..run like the wind. The first step in getting control of your situation is recognizing it. At this point you are probably trauma bonded. There’s only one way out. They will never ever ever ever change. The ONLY way out is enforcing boundaries and going NO CONTACT. A firm NO, I am not interested in your bs is the only solution. You are NOT the problem. A narcissist has many demons. They will always play the victim. You are NOT the victim. A victim is only a victim if they allow themselves to be. Take control of your situation. Roll into the new year like the boss that you are. This was a season of waiting for me. It was a season of surrender. My next season is “Ask”. For some, asking is the hardest thing you will ever do. I’m that person. It’s a process. Trust the process. Even when it’s hard.