Thoughts for Thursday :
Take Out the Noise
Odds were pretty much in your favor that you would get a Thoughts for Thursday this week, because I have been alone with my thoughts for a week now. The beach is where I come to clear my head, decompress, gather my thoughts, and most importantly dream big. I have walked about five miles every morning on and around the resort and golf course but I haven’t walked on the beach until today because the morning temperatures were a bit brisk. Today was a little sunnier and I needed new scenery. So I put in my ear buds, found my favorite music, and headed out. About a mile down the beach I stopped to watch a school of dolphins play and took out my ear buds. I am completely alone on a stretch of protected dunes owned by the state and there’s no noise. No planes. No traffic. No construction. No hammering. No anything but the ocean and the barely existent ripple of waves. What a magnificent “no noise”. I can listen to that same station on repeat back home or anywhere else at any given time. But what I can’t do is experience oneness with this magical moment. So the rest of my walk I left my ear buds out. I took out the noise. And what I noticed was that when I had the noise in, I wasn’t concentrating on my form. I wasn’t aligning my spine, I wasn’t tightening my core.I was hurting my back. Instead of doing a great thing such as exercising, I was doing it all completely wrong. How often do we go through our day listening to the noise? Your noise can look different from mine. The noise might be negativity, a co-worker, stress, anxiety, discomfort, work, or a multitude of different things. How often do you just sit in the silence? How often do you take out the noise? Even when we think we are doing good things like walking, running, hiking and working out we often leave the noise in. Even your favorite music can trigger memories, which trigger emotions, which trigger your heart space, which triggers your head space. Do you see where I’m going with this? It’s okay to take out the noise. The silence is a wonderful healing thing. So the next time you’re needing to clear your head space, take out the noise.