I wish that I could tell you that you won’t go through hard times. I wish that I could protect you from hurt. I wish that I could tell you that bad things will never happen to you. But I can’t. What I can tell you is that God has it under control. He does truly have the whole world in his hands.

I had dinner with my sweet friend Wendi last night. I have known her for close to 15 years. We divorced about the same time. We both have 4 children. We both have made similar bad choices. Our conversation last night was very different than any conversation we have ever had. We are both on faith journeys. Our paths are very different, yet the same. We discussed the crucial importance of emotional maturity. We discussed the heaviness of working through your healing and the heaviness of suppressing it. As women we are natural born nurturers. We take care of everyone around us and put their needs first, ALWAYS. Any woman over 40 is dealing with a multitude of issues: divorce, separation, empty nest syndrome, aging parents, menopause, Covid related issues. The list is endless. Add to that, worrying about political issues, mask mandates and a million other issues…. It’s exhausting. And it’s also unnecessary. Yes I went there. It is unnecessary to carry all that weight on your shoulders. One of my keywords for 2021 is SURRENDER. Surrender it all. The fears, the worries, the anxiety, the what ifs. You simply can not control everything. Let it go. Is it difficult? Yes. Is it a constant process? Yes. Is it a one time thing? No. When you surrender it all to God, you will see mountains start to move. You will feel it in your soul.You can’t manage everything. But he can. Trust the process, and let it go.