Why do people feel the need to fling insults? Name calling really has nothing to do with the person the insults are being directed at. We often associate name calling with adolescence. But unfortunately, some never grow out of it. Name calling is one of the most damaging and painful types of bullying. It is abusive. But why do people do it? When a bully calls another person a name, they are attempting to control how others see that person. But there are other reasons as well.

4 reasons why people call other people nasty names:


If you don’t have a solid argument to back up your opinions, you might revert to insults, in order to throw the other person off their game. Call them a few names and they might get distracted enough to forget what they were talking about and focus on your irrelevant comments instead.


If you hate yourself and are looking for a quick way to feel better, throw a couple of insults at other people. Typically, in this case, you would throw the sort of insult at them that you feel about yourself.

The problem with this is that while you may get a quick high from insulting someone, you’ll still feel bad about yourself. It only shifts your focus for a little bit and then you’ll be back to hating yourself again.


Need a quick way to make friends, insult someone else to look better, fit in, and build camaraderie. The only problem with this one is that you’re building an unhealthy relationship on a very shaky foundation. People who behave this way typically have very few true friends. They also have a strong need for looking important, being right, and also playing the victim.

#4 – FOR FUN

Bored? Need some entertainment? Sometimes people call other people names simply because they want something to do, or they get pleasure out of the reaction their insults cause. Some people might call this “pushing your buttons.” There are people out there who survive off hating and pushing others down to make themselves feel better. They need supply. They need drama. They need the mental stimulation. It’s sad really. What’s even more sad is the damage that bullying and name calling does. Not everyone is secure enough or strong enough to see it for what it is…..desperation.

What does God say about gossip? He that hideth hatred with lying lips, and he that uttereth a slander, is a fool. Guard your heart. Guard your ears. Guard your mouth. Protect your heart from unwanted and hurtful things. Be careful to who and what you listen to. And lastly, watch your words. What comes out of your mouth cannot be taken back. Don’t repeat the abusive behavior by retaliating. You’re better than that.