Thoughts for Thursday:

Yesterday I was on my way home from work when a dear girlfriend of mine called and asked to meet for an impromptu dinner. These times are so special and much appreciated. Girlfriends are crucial to have in your life. I believe that as we get older we appreciate our tribe more than ever. Your tribe are the ones that text you, call you, pray for you, ask for prayers in return, think about you, celebrate you, call you out, like your posts, comment on your posts, cry with you and love you unconditionally. Men will come and go in your life, but your girlfriends are your ride or die, bury bodies partner, spill your soul to, cast out demons, shoulder to cry on gangsta’s & sisters from another mother. As I was driving home last night I was overwhelmed with gratitude and wept uncontrollable tears of happiness as it became crystal clear to me just how unbelievably blessed I am to have such incredible women in my life. I have friends in their teens, 20’s and all the way up to their 90’s. Friends from different circles, different decades, as well as friends that are also relatives and friends that aren’t family but feel like they are. How did I get so lucky? Besides God bringing them into my life in the first place, friendship is work. Friendship is trust. Friendship isn’t selfish. Friendship is being a listening ear. Friendship isn’t harsh words or being judgmental. If you want a friend, you must first be a friend. If you want someone who will be there in your darkest times, you need to be the light for them when they can only see the dark. Here are some things I know to be true about women:

They have seen your ups and downs and been there for the ride even when it made them nauseous

They know all your secrets

They know you better than anyone else

They love you no matter what

They have seen your best and worst and everything in between

You can be yourself around them

They give great hugs

They wipe your tears

They are loyal to a fault

The drinks are always flowing

The conversation is always endless

They give the best advice and forgive you when you don’t take it

They just get you

They hate people that hurt you more than you do

They are superb private investigators

They are always honest, sometimes brutally

They will call you out on your bs

They are available at a moments notice

They are resilient

They are hella strong

They are wise

They make time for you

They help you grow

They help you gain wisdom

They remind you that you are freaking awesome

I’m turning 54 next weekend. My girlfriends and I will be spending my birthday in West Palm Beach. Cheers to 54, friendships, laughter, survival, and making new memories! And cheers to God for blessing me with the best friends a girl can have. I love you all !!!!!!

Love your tribe, and love them hard. But more importantly, tell them often. Life is short and unknowing.