Life is hard. People are hard. It seems like we now live in a world where people are hardening their hearts. I get it. Survival mode. Totally get it. If we put walls up around our heart, we can’t get hurt. We are so easily agitated these days. Easily offended. Quick to judge. Quick to spew hatred and evil. Quick to voice our twisted opinions. Living with this mindset is sometimes a downfall for many. Many don’t bounce back from having to endure hard things. They become jaded. They become set in their ways and don’t deal with change well. We could all stand to be a little softer. Myself included. I did not write the words below. But I wanted the share the beauty of it. There’s wisdom in these words.

Glass is hard

But it can shatter easily when dropped

Rock is hard

But it can be broken quickly with a drill

Gold is hard

But it can be melted in a blazing fire

Don’t be so hard that you break down so easily

Be soft like wet clay in the hands of a potter

Be soft like river water in the summer

Be soft like the breeze through a row of tall pines

All of those things survive no matter what happens to them

They endure because they haven’t built their existence out of hard materials

Be soft with other people

Don’t break them with your words

And don’t let them break you with theirs

Be soft with yourself

Your heart is more cotton than iron

Your soul is wrapped in the softest of fabrics for a reason

The softer you become the more you understand how precious all life is

Be more of cotton than you are of concrete ~

Love isn’t cold granite

Love is shapeless

Love is like ocean water gently passing through your toes in a world where the hardness of diamonds helps determine its worth

Don’t become one yourself

Become so soft that nothing can break you