We can use our words for blessings, or we can use or words for cursing. Our tongues, in their natural state, bring forth rotten fruit.

Rotten Fruits of the Tongue:

  • Gossip
  • Belittling
  • Cursing
  • Bragging
  • Sarcasm
  • Manipulation
  • Exaggeration
  • Insult
  • Lying
  • Complaining

If we are believers, only God can tame our tongues! We should be seeking Biblical wisdom in our lives each day.

James 3:17 reminds us, “But the wisdom that is from above is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, easy to be entreated, full of mercy and good fruits, without partiality, and without hypocrisy.”

Good Fruits of the Tongue:

  • Kindness
  • Encouragement
  • Instruction
  • Uplifting others
  • Testifying of God’s Goodness in your life
  • Teaching God’s Word
  • Sharing Biblical Wisdom
  • Worship and Praise to God
  • Speaking the Truth in Love

These lists could easily be added to. The tongue can do so much damage, but it can also do so much good! Have you asked God to tame your tongue? Examine your communication. Are you full of blessing or cursing? Let’s be women who glorify God in our speech.Let’s Us Our Words Wisely