It’s hard to let go of things that no longer serve you. Most of the time hanging on does more harm than good. Are you wondering if it’s time to let go? Ask yourself these questions:


  1. Is it still relevant? If it isn’t growing you or making a positive impact on your life, let it go.
  2. Is it holding you back? Is the situation not aligning with your beliefs or preventing you from reaching your full potential? Let it go.
  3. Is it no longer working? Is the effort you’re making not making the difference to achieve the result you are looking for? Let it go.
  4. Is it costing more than it’s worth? If something is costing you more money, time, or energy than it’s worth, let it go.
  5. Is it not aligned with your values? Anything that is not truly aligned with any part of what you desire, let it go.
  6. Does it still inspire you? If you no longer feel passionate about it, free up your time and energy and let it go. This will make room for new and exciting opportunities that align with your spirit.
  7. Is it causing you stress? Is it draining you? Is it making you unhappy? Is it causing you emotional harm? Let it go.
  8. Do you know that you deserve better? Make room for better things. Let it go.
  9. Are you ready for a change? Change but be scary, but it’s necessary. Is your situation not changing or any getting better? Let it go.
  10. Is something just not right in your soul? Let it go.


You should never go backwards for any reason. Life is too short for that. Keep moving forward. Let it go.