If you’re feeling a little lost, it’s okay.

If your ambitions, dreams, desires, wants, and needs have changed, it’s okay.

It’s been two years of a pandemic.

It’s okay if it has changed you.

It’s okay if you’re meeting yourself for the first time, or again.

It’s okay if you are discovering parts of you that were covered up by obligation and busyness and the pursuit of things you no longer even want.

There is nothing normal about right now.

Let yourself change.

Let the shifts happen.

Let yourself grow out of versions of yourself that no longer fit.

Throw out what doesn’t work any longer. Become.

It’s okay.

Who you’ll meet on the other side will be truer, more honest, more you.

Step deeper into what feels true.

If the last two years taught us anything, it’s that there’s no time to waste and the future is uncertain.

So why not be the truest version of yourself?

Why not start living as honestly as you know how?

Why not greet new versions of yourself with anticipation?

Look who you’re becoming.

Look who you’ve grown into.

Keep going.

Don’t look back.

There is nothing for you back there.