I had some content prepared for today. But something bigger came to me yesterday morning. I apologize in advance that these words might not be for you. But they may resonate. I usually share my thoughts in hopes that it might have an impact on someone else. But today I am being selfish and I’m going to share something about me. Why? Because I’m so dang excited I can’t stand it and I have to share my testimony before I explode.

Yesterday on my morning commute I came over the hill that I navigate every morning to see the most fabulous sunrise. I love those types of sunrises when you can visibly see the suns rays coming through the clouds perfectly. Then, as clear as day I received these words in my soul:

It is time

It is time for you to shine

Your breakthrough is here

It is time for you to be happy

It is time for you to be whole

You chose yourself

Now you will be chosen

You’ve done your time

You’ve served your penance

Get up child

Hold your head high

You have done the work

You have proven yourself worthy

Prepare for favor

You will not see coming what I have prepared for you

I had to break you to make you

Well done my child

Go forth and prosper

But I ask of you in return

Please remain humble

Please remain kind

Please remain grateful

The world is yours

-This I promise-