This morning I sat down with my coffee to do the usual….spend my day in front of a computer screen [because that’s what I do]. But then a little voice in my head [or a bigger one from above] said…why don’t you get outside for awhile today? It’s your day off, it’s beautiful, and you need to clear your head. So off I headed to my favorite park to walk, and never made it past the first park bench. As I just sat and stared at the beauty of East Tennessee in the Fall, the wheels in my head started to spin as usual. Call it a curse, I call it a blessing. So I went back to my car to get my handy dandy notebook.

Sharing my conversation with God today…….

Here’s what he had to say to me today in a nutshell.

Lisa, you silly, hard headed woman. Why do you not listen to me. You ask me to show you the way, but you always take a different path. To be so intuitive and to be such a compassionate listener to your friends, you completely tune me out. The one person that holds your head above water. Why do you defy me? I have tried to show you that you are not a fit in the corporate world. Yet you still keep trying. Is it because you feel that it is safe, steady, and the responsible thing to do for your family? Do you think that I put these creative and inventive business ideas in your head because I am bored? I’m kind of busy running a universe, so I assure you that isn’t the case. I have given you a gift. Use it! I have nudged you numerous times. So here’s the plan. We are going to walk over to the ledge and I am going to push you off. And you are going to trust me. I have your artistic, free spirited, giving, and slightly dysfunctional soul in the palm of my hand. I always have. There’s a reason that in the hunt for your “safety net” corporate job search I have denied you numerous positions that you thought were the perfect fit for you. Not because you weren’t smart enough, or educated enough, or experienced enough, or you weren’t the right fit, or they decided to go in a different direction. You weren’t hired because it wasn’t my will for you. I’m not finished writing your destiny. Take your hands off your ears and listen to me. I may not send you the perfect job in other peoples eyes, but I will provide you with the perfect means of income for you. Your family will not go hungry. I will keep a roof over their head, and I will keep them healthy and happy. Trust me. And I will continue to write your story and keep your head above water. Have faith-I have you.