Have you ever heard the old saying “hurt people hurt people”? Am I right? How true is this statement? When you are an empath, you feel everybody else’s feels. Sometimes you feel it for them because they are incapable of it themselves. When you’re a listener, you are also a healer. Hurt people are lost. And because of that they migrate to the light. If you are a person that is a guiding light, odds are you are going to attract the lost, the broken and the hurting.

The problem comes when you are so focused on helping them that you let them pull you down with them. That is not okay. I’m not saying that we shouldn’t help others. We absolutely should. What I’m saying is, you have to find a way to protect yourself. And we do that by setting boundaries.

Setting boundaries is just the start. Unless we enforce them, those boundaries are useless.

If you are truly an empath you are going to find guilt in setting boundaries. Why? That’s just how we are wired. It is our nature to give and give. We give every ounce of ourselves and expect nothing in return.

Lesson number 8,457…. You can give them the tools they need to heal, but it’s up to them to use them and want to make the change. Broken people aren’t capable of giving you what they can’t even give themselves. They will hurt you again and again. And more often than not, they will tell you in advance that they are going to hurt you. But we choose not to listen.

We choose to see the good in people and we know that people can heal. We choose to believe that we are special, and because of that, we think they will change. Lesson number 8,458. People change if they want to. You cannot make them. When this happens, as painful as the process is, you have to let them go.

Your personal peace is more important. You deserve better. Choose you. You deserve someone that will build you up, not tear you down.