This weekend I took a road trip with a few girlfriends to Cherokee NC. I know most of you are thinking that we hit the casino. Negatory. Believe it or not we made the pilgrimage to a healing revival. (No snakes were involved). None of us knew what to expect. But how brave of us to follow a calling to a Cherokee healer of sorts in the heart of the mountains. I kept hearing a pattern over and over about facing your fears and I learned a thing or two.

  1. Girl trips are necessary.
  2. Conversation is therapeutic.
  3. Your faith is personal.
  4. Don’t let anyone tell you what your faith should look like.
  5. Rid yourself of energy vampires.
  6. Rid yourself of joy stealing vampires.
  7. What’s said in NC stays in NC.
  8. My girls are badass warriors that have survived the unsurvivable.
  9. You are worthy of good things


  1. We should write a book