What is extra? What does it mean when referring to someone as being “extra”? Is it a negative or positive thing?

Extra: Definition- Over the top. Excessive or dramatic behavior.

What does being extra really mean ?

  1. Authenticity — Being extra, in most cases, means being yourself. I think we call it extra because it is so out of the norm to do so. Being your authentic self is not going to look like anyone else; because of this, others will think of your deviating behavior as extra. Do it anyways.
  2. Courage — To step out and own it. People find it bewildering to go against norms.
  3. By being extra, you won’t settle for ordinary. You live your life to the fullest, even in the simplest of moments. You make memories out of the everyday occurrences and realities out of your dreams.
  4. You can only be too much if you want more — more living, more learning, more happiness, more wealth, and more health.

Playing it safe and flying under the radar is definitely a great way to protect yourself from unwanted attention, ridicule, or judgment. It’s also a great way to protect yourself from taking any sort of risk or leap of faith. But if we’re not taking risks, trying new things, and pushing ourselves outside of our comfort zones, are we ever really allowing ourselves to evolve? And if we’re not evolving…what are we doing?

Maybe we “extra” people are on to something. Where’s the fun in dulling your own sparkle over fear of looking like you try too hard or care too much? Wouldn’t you rather live your life trying lots of different things, taking big swings, maybe failing spectacularly sometimes, maybe having people talk about you sometimes, but at least knowing that you really went for something and gave it your all, as opposed to playing it safe, nothing lost, nothing gained? Maybe we could all stand to be a little “extra.”

And I’m not afraid or ashamed to say that I’m extra. I own it-proudly. And if I intimidate you, then you have a very small mind and inability to see my greatness. And quite frankly, that’s your loss!