You can love someone and still have to let them go. It’s possible to want to have someone in your life, and know that isn’t possible.

Sometimes people aren’t able, willing or capable of showing up for us in the way we wish they would.

Releasing them isn’t a declaration that we no longer love or care for them. It means we love ourselves enough to let go even when it hurts because we are a stand for healthy, honest relationships that inspire connection, intimacy and growth.

No one can tell you what is right for you and what isn’t. No one can tell you when the relationship is meant to end, or when you are being asked to stay in the game.

But one thing is for certain – you are not required to give yourself away or pour yourself out in order to receive love.

When we experience conditional love (and most of us did) we might form the belief that love hurts, that it’s a roller-coaster, that it’s a chase.

We might be conditioned to expect let down, or have low standards for how people show up for us in our lives.

This is why through all of the inner work we do here, we consistently bring home the message of Becoming the One.

Of being in right relationship with ourselves. Healing our hearts and our inner world. Trusting in our innate worth and lovability. Reclaiming our power and trusting that it’s ok to set boundaries, to expect respect, honesty and communication.

Practice this work with yourself. Your feelings are valid. Your self-expression is beautiful. You are allowed to want what you want.