I cannot with this “Cancel Culture.” When did we as a society become so hateful and bitter? We all have our own beliefs. Just because you don’t agree with something doesn’t mean you have to take action. No one is forcing their opinions on you. Someone can hand you water, but you don’t have to drink it. Someone can create poison, but you don’t have to use. Someone can sell something in their store, but you don’t have to buy it. Can we all just extend a little more grace to others?

Think of it another way. We are all sinners. God extends grace to us every single day. What if we went to God and He said “Nope. Sorry. I’m done with you. You can never ask for forgiveness again. Your requests and my services are canceled.”

He would never do that. Because He is a God of grace and forgiveness. He calls us to do the same. It is not our place to judge others.

Give up those grudges and bitterness. The stakes are high for you if you fail to grow strong in grace. You are charting a path to pain and heartbreak. But not for those with whom you condemn, but for yourself.