Things have been shifting lately. It’s that time of the year when living things start to go to sleep. As winter approaches, preparations need to be made. On the farm, shelters need to be built. Fencing needs to be secured. Soil needs to be amended. Animals need extra care. All precautions to ensure that things are in order and taken care of. I never used to like winter, but here on the farm there is a peace that comes with it. Winter is a time to rest and reenergize and make plans for the upcoming year. As I drool over the pages of my seed magazines and websites that I frequent trying to make the best choices for what I want to grow next year, I am reminded of what is referred to as “reaping what you sow.” Most people use this phrase to suggest it in a negative manner. I find that very sad. I am in the mindset of turning negative thoughts into positive ones. What if we focused on sowing positive seeds? Words of praise? Words of encouragement? Words of Kindness? We become what we sow. We reap what we sow. Recently I made a post on Facebook about having my feelings hurt. Words are a very big deal to me. For a split second I was having a pity party. I was allowing negativity in my world. It didn’t take me long to realize the importance of my words and my actions. Hundreds of comments and well wishes came pouring in as the result of that one little post. I reaped what I had sown. I have shown kindness to others. I have listened when others needed an ear. I have reached out to others when I didn’t really need to. I have been real and raw and open with my thoughts, mistakes and failures. I have earned trust and respect. Those are the things that really matter in life. I know that I am loved. I know that my friendships are real. Imagine if we all sowed a few more seeds of kindness and love.