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Welcome to Dear Lovely Girl, a website by women for women. Chances are you have landed here because you might be on a spiritual healing journey. You have entered a sanctuary and non-judgement zone. All are welcome here. Dear Lovely Girl is a supportive community of women where you will feel at home discussing topics that impact your daily life. We discuss all things related to relationships between families, partners and friends. No woman should ever feel alone. You will always find acceptance, encouragement and friendship here. We’ll also sprinkle in a little glitter with tips and advice about healthy lifestyles, travel, inspiration and motivation, health and wealth, and all things pretty. Come on in and make yourself at home!

Come to the Table

This is our online forum. A community where women can come together and share, chat, vent, heal and find support and friendship. We don’t want you to ever feel alone. There’s no judgement here. All are welcome!